New Myspace! 28/03/2021

Funky Pauline is so very funky!

Oh my God this is the absolute best day since the first time I laid my eyes on virtual Harry Styles! I swore there'd be no more best day but then someone recommended I join the new funky MySpace, so here I am fellas!

Listen to my jam btww: Night Changes by One Direction EEEEEERK

P.S. Did you come from my webby? OH MY GODDDDDD WE SHOULD TOTALLY FIC-COLLAB AHEIDJAJIBFEAUFHAUOCN!!!!!!!!! If you haven't seen my website then get out of your rock and pay a visit duhhhh, it doesn't take much time, just 10 seconds BUT I'm so telling you it's addictive! It should keep you updated on my new Harry Styles fics, who wouldn't want special treatment nowadays? I know because Michelle gets an extra chicken sandwich every time we hang out at Arby's! Like can you believe that?

Michelle if you're reading this, I luv yaaaa! <3 You can keep your extra chicken sandwich, and you guys, I am so indebted to her for beta-reading my great fics every time I write, so behave and be kind!

That's all for today! Love love love loveeeeeeeeee! Going to visit the coffee shop later and hang w/ Kev. <3 :-)